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FCFC Key Dates for FY 2022 (1/13/2022)

To assist county FCFC with funding and programmatic reports, OFCF with its state partners has generated a document that highlights the important dates for the current calendar year.  

 Auditor of State Bulletins

Subpart D—Post Federal Award Requirements

Catalog of Domestic Affairs - Auditors are often interested in the Catalog of Domestic Affairs Number for Federal FundingBelow is a list of common CFDA numbers for federal funding in use by councils.

  • IDEA Part C-  84.181
  • IV B- Part 2 -  93.556

Funding Information for FCFCs

Each OFCF Cabinet agency contributes a certain portion of funding to maintain and operate the OFCF office. State General Revenue Funds (GRF) are allocated annually to the county FCFCs to assist in the maintenance and operations of the county FCFC offices. At times, state sponsored initiatives are connected to and through county FCFCs.

In an effort to assist counties with the fiscal implementation of FCFC, the below resources have been identified.  In addition, the auditor of state has issued several bulletins and the federal government has provided audit guidance which can be found under "Additional Resources". 

FCFC Administrative Agent Designation

Every February, county FCFCs must inform the state if their administrative agent will be remaining the same for the upcoming fiscal year.  Any change in an administrative agent during a fiscal year may delay the allocation of state funds. OFCF is distributing the SFYY23 Administrative Agent Designee and Council Chair form via this Teams link:
  • Please note: all councils must complete this form by 5:00 pm on February 10, 2022, even if their AA or Chair will not be changing for SFY 2023.  The form is dynamic so questions will display based on an individual’s response to Question 2.

Ohio Family and Children First Requirments of Family and Children First Councils

Ohio Department of Job & Family Services (ODJFS) will serve in the adminstrative agent capacity for Ohio Family and Children First (OFCF).  All subgrantees of OFCF funds will be required to sign an agreement with ODJFS for SFY22-23 to be eligible to receive funds.  The SFY22 OFCF Allocation Tables list the annual allocations by county and fund type.     

In addition, Councils will be required to submit the data outlined in the ODJFS agreement each month by the 10th to  OFCF created a workbook that contains templates for FCFCs to use if they do not already have a system in place to track the required data throughout the year.  This workbook also contains report templates for the Pooled Fund Reports that are due annually on 9/30.



Operational Capacity Building Funds for FCFCs

Annually, a grant opportunity through the state general revenue fund is made available to each county to assist in the maintenance and operations of the county FCFC.  Below is the required application that must be completed and approved by OFCF no later than July 1, 2021 to receive the annual funding.  Note:  County FCFCs have the option of reporting non-mandated members attendance with this application in addition to the required members attendance.

Family-Centered Services and Supports Funds

The Ohio Family and Children First (OFCF) Cabinet Council is committed to continuing the effors to improve programs, services, and supports for children with muliple system issues.  This commitment is shown through the conintuation of the Family-Centered Services and Supports (FCSS) initiatives which began in SFY 10.  The purposse is to maintain children and youth in their own homes through the provision of non-clinical, community-based services.  Families who have children with multiple systemic needs identified through the county Family and Children First Council (FCFC) service coordination process are eligible for FCSS funded services and supports.

Below are documents related to Family-Centered Services and Supports:

FCSS SFY22 Guidance Documents

FCSS Fiscal Forms

​FCSS Reports

  • FCSS Annual Report Summary SFY21
  • FCSS Semi-Annual Report Summary SFY21


FCFC Flexible Funding Pool

Temporary Law Section 337.30.70 of Ohio's SFY 12-13 Budget allows for county FCFCs to establish a flexible funding pool in order to assure access to needed services by families, children, and older adults in need of protective services.  Specific state general revenue funds (GRF) can be pooled locally to achieve this flexibility. 

  • Click here to learn more about the Flexible Funding opportunity

OFCF Funding Formula

The OFCF Cabinet Council developed a funding formula to determine the equitable share each agency has in maintaining the office of OFCF and to support the work of the Cabinet. This is an example that could be used locally if a county FCFC would want to share in the cost of the FCFC operations.