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Youth and Young Adults in Transition

The Ohio Family and Children First (OFCF) Cabinet Council formed the Youth and Young Adults in Transition (YYAT) Steering Committee in 2009.  The purpose of the Steering Committee was to align and consolidate policies, efforts, and resources; and identify major gaps for this particularly vulnerable and often overlooked population.  The target population is youth and young adults ages 14 to 25 with emphasis on those most vulnerable.  The focus is on youth and young adults who may be impacted or in need of any governmental system or service.

The YYAT Steering Committee representing youth, thirteen state agencies, providers, associations, and key external stakeholders created a strategic plan and began implementing it in 2010.  The Committee then transitioned into the ENGAGE planning team in January 2012. 

OFCF and the YYAT Steering Committee received the 1st Annual National Center for Adoption Law and Policy's Champion Award for Organizations in October 2012 for its efforts to improve services, supports, policies, and funding for youth and young adults, particularly those most vulnerable. 

Below is the YYAT Steering Committee's Strategic Plan, the ENGAGE Strategic Plan that incorporated the strategies from the Steering Committee's plan, and a link to the newly developed Youth and Young Adult Universal Transition Plan via the Ohio Benefit Bank.   

In July 2013, the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services received the 4 Year System of Care Expansion Grant for Youth and Young Adults in Transition.  The 4 year implementation grant called ENGAGE will expand System of Care throughout Ohio for youth and young adults, ages 14-21.  Click here for more information about ENGAGE