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Flexible Funding

The OFCF Flexible Funding Workgroup was formed in January 2010 with the purpose of identifying opportunities to provide flexible funding to local public agencies in order to better meet the needs of children, families, and adults.  The group included staff from the OFCF Cabinet agencies.  Based on the work of this group, feedback from county agencies and associations, and approval from the OFCF Deputy Directors and Cabinet Council, the concept of a flexible funding pool became a reality with the passage of HB 153 (SFY 12-13 budget bill).

Local public agencies will now have the flexibility to transfer specific State General Revenue Funds (GRF) to the local flexible funding pool managed by the FCFCs. State GRF allocated to various local public agencies have requirements on what the funds must be spent on, however, when the State GRF is transferred to the flexible funding pool it sheds those requirements.  Therefore, even if counties currently "pool" funds, those state funds still must meet its requirements for spending.  This new FCFC Flexible Funding Pool removes all of those requirements and can be used to meet the needs (prevention, early intervention, treatment) of children, families, and adults in the community. 

FCFC Flexible Funding Pool Guidance has been established to assist county agencies who desire to pool funds to flexibly meet the local needs of children, families, and adults.  Also below is the required annual report and evaluation tool.  If a county FCFC chooses to pool one or more of the identified State GRF, the attached report and evaluation must be submitted to the OFCF office at the end of the FY.