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OFCF Statute Toolkit

Ohio Family and Children First was codified in Section 121.37 of the Ohio Revised Code (ORC) in 1993. This section describes the membership and duties of both the state and local Family and Children First Councils (FCFCs). There are resources available to assist counties in understanding the statutory mandates of FCFCs.

OFCF Statute Presentation

The following presentations have been created to highlight specific mandates in the Family and Children First Statute, ORC 121.37.

OFCF Statute Guidance Documents

The following guidance documents are available to assist in implementating various aspects of the Family and Children First Statute, ORC 121.37.

Legal Opinions Regarding OFCF Statute

Several requests for legal opinions have been requested over the years to clarify various aspects of the Family and Children First Statute.

  • Regarding the legal counsel for cluster: AG Opinion 1993-050
  • The administrative agent, executive committee, nor the fiscal agent may impose a charge upon council members for the purpose of funding the administration or operation of the council: AG Opinion 2002-008
  • Expansion of membership, designees, no proxy voting, personnel rules that may not supersede administrative agent rules: AG Opinion 2000-010
  • Role of the FCFC Administrative Agent with regards to employment and compensation of the FCFC Coordinator: AG Opinion 2009-014