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The wraparound process is a way to improve the lives of children with complex needs and their families.  It is not a program or a type of service, but a team based planning process used to develop plans of care that are individualized based on the strengths and culture of the children and their family. 

The plan is needs-driven rather than service-driven, although a plan may incorporate existing categorical services, if appropriate to meet the needs of the consumer.  The initial plan should be a combination of existing or modified services, newly created services, informal supports, and community resources, and should include a plan for a step-down of formal services.

The U.S. National Wraparound Initiative has standardized ten guiding principles:

  • Family voice and choice
  • Team-based
  • Natural supports
  • Collaboration
  • Community-based
  • Culturally competent
  • Individualized
  • Strengths-based
  • Persistence
  • Outcome-based

High-Fidelity Wraparound was explored by the OFCF Cabinet Council in 2009.  A proposal was developed based on research collected and lessons learned from Ohio's counties and other states.  However, due to the lack of available state funds, the proposal did not move forward but still serves as a great resource.

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