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Ohio Family and Children First (OFCF) is a partnership of state and local government, communities and families that enhances the well-being of Ohio’s children and families by building community capacity, coordinating systems and services, and engaging families.  OFCF's vision is for every child and family to thrive and succeed within healthy communities.Engaging and Empowering Families Building Capacity Shared Accountability Coordinating Services

Established in 1993, Ohio Family and Children First (OFCF) is governed by the Governor's Children's Cabinet with the purpose of streamlining and coordinating government services for children and families.  The OFCF Cabinet Council is comprised of the following Ohio Departments:  Aging, Developmental Disabilities, Education, Health, Job and Family Services, Medicaid, Mental Health and Addiction Services, Opportunities for Ohioians with Disabilities, Rehabilitation and Correction, Youth Services, and the Office of Budget and Management.  Locally, the county commissioners establish the 88 county Family and Children First Councils (FCFC).

Mission Pyramid


Family and Children First Councils are mandated to perform four core functions as illustrated in the triangle.  For more information about these core functions or responsibilities, click here.




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Do you have a youth or work with a youth that receives services from multiple agencies in your county?  Your local FCFC is the place to start for assessing your needs, determining eligibility for service coordination, and coordinating which services can best support you.  

Click the county map below to view your county's FCFC Coordinator/Director and Chairperson contact information.

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Latest News

Environmental Scan

Over the past few years, with the many changes to Ohio’s service landscape, there has been an increased need to gather information related to Ohio’s FCFCs including council structure, resources, strengths, and opportunities for growth. As statewide data focused on these areas is critical to understanding council infrastructure, one of OFCF’s SFY22/23 core focus areas has been to gather statewide data through the implementation of an Environmental Scan. The Environmental Scan will be utilized to develop strategic goals to elevate the work councils are currently conducting, while addressing barriers to meeting the needs of communities.

This Environmental Scan will be addressed in two phases:

Phase One was addressed via a Statewide Survey conducted in late 2021 by the OFCF office to gather infrastructure information on Ohio’s FCFCs including, but not limited to: local and statewide data on council infrastructure, OhioRISE readiness, and communication and partnership activities. The data collected is also considered a baseline so a longitudinal comparison can be conducted over time with future surveys.

Phase Two will be conducted by a vendor who will conduct a comprehensive environmental scan with a sample set of councils. Data through surveys, research and stakeholder interviews will be used to identify the key issues, trends and opportunities that impact and influence local communities. The results will support OFCF’s goal of ensuring Ohio has a comprehensive continuum of services and programs for children and families.

This Executive Summary addresses the results of Phase One of the Environmental Scan.  Phase Two will be completed in the near future.

Family Centered Supports and Services SFY22 Semi-Annual Data Report

Family-Centered Services and Supports (FCSS) funds are designated for the purpose of providing supports and services to achieve optimal outcomes for children and youth while maintaining them safely in their own homes and communities.  The county FCFCs requesting FCSS funding are required to submit monthly data reports outlining how these funds are utilized.